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    How to Make Android Faster and make Android run faster are common queries among the mobile phone users, they try to speed up Android, they might search for how to make Android run faster. You need to have the step by step guide on how to make android run faster without root.
    How To Make Android Faster Without Root

    Quick and smooth phone experience are everyone’s dream, Right. It isn’t the skyscraper to accomplish, and you can easily make your Android phone run faster when you implement the appropriate methods to speed up your phone. Smartphones are revolutionized the way we look the mobile phones, there are tons of customization features, and other advanced features are to became a smartphone.
    It is a universal truth that, Smartphones revolutionized the way we look the communication. The actual perception of the mobile phone is gone now, they were changed into the essential commodity nowadays.
    But owing the best android phone isn’t a great deal, you need to tweak it for optimum performance and draw the last drop from your smartphone. It is frustrating to use the sluggish Android phone; you need to have the immense patience to take it easy. After usage of some Android apps, your Android phone may become slow, you need to lift it back to its original speed. Being an android phone user I know, you employ various tips or tricks to make your mobile phone faster, but in most cases the outcome might be zero.
    How to Make Android Smartphone Faster

    Being an android phone user I know, you employ various tips or tricks to make your mobile phone faster, but in most cases the outcome might be zero. You need to put your efforts on the specific side to bring about results unless you are like triggering in dark.

    Most of us not able to afford to buy a brand new mobile. In this certain instance, they do look various techniques to make mobile phone faster. So I’ve decided to share these brilliant tricks that make Android run faster without rooting. Although we’ve discussed some of the benefits of rooting the android phone, you could check out our post to root android phone without PC.

    How to Make Android Run Faster 2016

    I’ve pinpointed the complete tweaks that you need to modify in your android phone for fluid flow performance. Though you can’t use all these tricks, you can use some as per your choice tospeed up Android mobile.

    #1. Get Rid of Bloatware’s – Essential To Make Android Faster


    Bloatware’s here referred to as pre-installed Android apps that you no longer using. This may boost your android phone performance to the great extent.
    As you knew, Android is the advanced operating system that runs many apps or services in the background to make the performance quicker, while accessing that particular app or service. If you have the vast amount of RAM installed in your smartphone, better you don’t worry about this. But if you are in the budget-oriented smartphone, you need to take this step seriously to make Android faster.

    #2. Update Your Android – To Speed Up Android Phone

    Since Android is the open source Mobile Operating System, it has some of the security and other vulnerabilities open. Google make it highly confidential and make it not reach out of the hackers. So it makes numerous changes to its Android OS to make it better and release the updates. The free update contains the bugs fixation and other security related aspects of your smartphone’s welfare.
    You need to update your complete Android OS whenever your manufacturer releases it. Most of the updates come with Over The Air (OTA), and just go to,
    Settings > About device > Softwares Update, and then if you are connected to the internet, you’ll notice there whether you have new updates available.
    In some smartphones, there is a pre-installed app named, Software updater or similar, you can either perform your update process by this method. You don’t likely to mess around, check out here to update apps on Android.
    If your software manufacturer promised to provide the latest update, and later they withdrawn their words, you could easily complete this by installing Custom ROMs.
    If you are outdated, you have more chances of hackers and spammers attack the outcome will be the decreased in your smartphone performance. We highly recommend you to be up to date to make Android phone faster.

    #3. Minimalistic Homescreen = Your Android Will Be Faster

    Homescreen is the most visited Android phone section. You need to make the home screen clatter-free for optimum speed, further if you bombard your smartphone home screen with lots of widgets, app shortcuts, and live HD or 1080P wallpapers, you’ll be ended up with sluggish experience. Make it simple, and better you to implement the below-mentioned aspects to make Android faster.
    • Use only essential widgets on your smartphone home screen.
    • Never overuse App shortcuts, use only for apps that you need instant access.
    • Avoid live wallpapers for expected performance.
    Make use of the simple optimum android launcher apps to reduce the workload on your smartphone. Further, don’t overuse the launchers, it might show it adverse effects too.

    #4. Clear App And Android Cache

    Apps are the most important essence you need to add for your smartphone to make it yummy. Remember if you overuse, you’ll drop from yummy to OH No! :-0
    Have you ever thought whenever you tap on any app in your apps home screen, you notice instant access for the apps that you are frequently using.
    It is simple to understand, because Android stores the temporary files, caches in your phone storage for the immediate result. If this storage space exceeds the standard limit, it might even ruin your smartphone’s performance. Since, the stored app caches consume your RAM space and CPU that may slowly reduce your android user experience.
    It is necessary to clear App cache on Android for the apps that you no longer using tomake Android run faster. To clear the App cache of any application, and then go to

    Settings > Apps > Scroll and Select your preferred app that you need to clear the cache and click on the “Clear Cache”. By doing you can easily speed up android mobile.

    # 5. Turn Off Automatic Syncing – (V. Imp To Speed Up Android)

    It is a brutal truth that,
    As an Android user, you’ll use heck a lot of accounts on your mobile phone. It may Email or Facebook or Whatsapp..blah blah…..But by using too many accounts in your smartphone, you are inviting the culprits to make your Android sluggish.
    Let me break this, assuming you are using dozens of Gmail account on your Android phone. These accounts automatically synchronize all your data which pulls your smartphone memory and CPU. The automatic syncing not only reduces your mobile phone performance, but it also executes profound impact your android phone battery life.
    You need to remove the old or unused accounts and turn off the syncing to make Android run faster. Syncing also has its adverse effect on the mobile data, it sucks! Either you may completely disable the automatic syncing or manually set the frequency of synchronization rate.
    To turn off Automatic Syncing go to Settings > Auto Sync either turn it off or disable it.
    Simple right? A quick step can boost your android phone speed. Move on to other tricks.

    #6. Perform Factory Reset – Make Android Faster

    Factory reset is another result giving method to make Android faster. After a while used your Android smartphone, you’ll notice a drastic reduction in the performance. Don’t panic, it might be the result of many high end devices too [IMG]
    By simply factory resetting your Android phone you can easily clear the cache that have collected on the account of applications and other system configuration. You’ll notice theincrease in the speed of your android mobile when it is factory reset.
    Overall I can say that you need to factory reset your Android mobile once in every 6 months to maintain the solid user experience. Before you factory resets your device don’t forget to take a complete backup of your Android phone. If you don’t, your personal files and apps may be wiped.

    #7. Install Right Antivirus and Modifier Apps

    The inbuilt defense system of the Android phone is not that great to fight against the strong spam attacks. Though they are trying their level to put the spam attacks to an end, they aren’t successful yet.
    So it is essential to have the best android antivirus app to make your Android device security highly confidential. Although we recommend you to use the premium apps for the maximum protection, still for the mid-rangers, you can go for the free antivirus like Avast to take care of your Android security.
    Once you have the installed antivirus app and let it running up, you can also try the optimization apps CleanMaster to clear the RAM memory and other junk files that get accumulated when your android device is in use. Make sure you use this kind of apps to increase the speed of your Android phone.

    #8. Install Custom ROM – Optimized Android Speed

    By installing the custom ROM, you’ll notice the huge surge in your android production. Custom ROMs are the different Operating System for an Android phone that are established to provide the pure Android experience that you come across in Google Nexus series.
    You can easily install any ROM of your Android device no matter how expert you are if you miss any step your Android phone will remain as the brick! You can easily get anyone, Lollipop ROM for Android and install them to make your Android phone faster.

    #9. Overclock Your Device – Make Android Run Faster

    Last but not the least, overclocking is the greatest method of all to make Android run faster. The Speed of the default processor that come with the branded Android phones are limited to the certain level; it is to reduce the heat produced while the processors in use. If your Android phone heats up quickly, it badly hurt your battery life of your phone.
    Some of the OEM limit the Android performance, overclocking is the process of jailbreaking this firewall to draw the complete performance. If you force the hardware of your smartphone to operate faster than the OEM frequency, you can easily make any Android phone faster.
    Officially we do not recommend you to overclock your device to speed up Android, you can implant other techniques to make droid faster.
    in conclusion

    That’s all you need to do to make Android run faster, and running Android smartphone performance is everyone’s dream who own any mobile phone no matter that they are.

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    Thanks Op i will this on my Tecno H6

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    Nice sharing. To speed up Android smartphone, we can use Android data cleaner app to delete unwant files, junk files and cache files from Android smartphone to free up space. With more space freed up on your Android device, the faster your Android phone will run.

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    Worked for me

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