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Discussion in 'Android Games' started by FairFox, Oct 12, 2017.

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    Last Day On Earth is online survival game which has been hit in Android gaming in recent times.
    You have to survive after zombie apocalypse, build your own shelter, grow crops and hunt.

    For you, here's Last Day On Earth latest version hack apk, no root required!
    You can craft any item without having required resources + increased weapon and cloth durability.
    GGAmfgmxcIhZ0JO8h-DjzgaMg76WFJt3NquwTwqtPDM_0KI34U9Au9UZeu_ithb0MQ=h310.jpg s6dHAfNOQmrRTRLC1cux0MdE9xjCBXlRgCPUf5-LDqG4jgR0JRG9v08NfCLOX-XdpkYA=h310.jpg qGQCPkvXM76W77EI2S5xlTvj5jFRhetvnIR2QhFSEGrXWqgJkxv4MntpE2smbSoYXGip=h310.jpg
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