mtn night plan working during the day on android

Discussion in 'VPN Resellers/Voucher upgrades' started by obibrows1, May 31, 2014.

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    Use mtn 4.5GB night plan during the day on android
    1. download Openvpn connect from play store

    2. visit and register an account. click here to download
    3. after download, extract the contents of the TCP config file into a folder where u can locate them easily
    4. now, run your Openvpn connect and click options, under add proxy, insert:
    proxy name: mtn
    proxy address:
    proxy port: 8080
    and then click OK
    5. click option again and click on import, locate the folder where you extracted the servers you downloaded and select TCP UK1 or TCP UK2

    6. Turn on your data, insert your upgraded username and password
    And start using your mtn night plan anytime you like.

    Account upgrade cost 500 naira. Call or Whatsapp me on 08060918016 or ping me on

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    this stuff still they work?

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    Make we ask ooh

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