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    Do you have a small space at home, office or Business Place and you want to make extra monthly residual income from beign a mini Wifi internet service provider, selling internet bandwidth via Radio to various people within your location, then this service is created for you, see beloe the benefits and features of our Wifi isp service

    1. Server System
    2. Billing System to Manage all your customers, Allocate internet, disable internet, send messages to all customers etc
    3. ADSL Internet Connection
    4. Inverter + Battery for power Backup
    5. Network Security Solutions
    6. Networking and Cabling


    [size=15pt]A. Mini Package : 30 Customers[/size]

    [size=10pt]PRICE : #450,000 (One month internet inclusive)[/size]

    [size=9pt]Monthly Subscription: # 45,000[/size]


    MONTHLY EARNING: #150,000

    [size=15pt]B. Mega Package : 100 Customers[/size]

    [size=10pt]PRICE : #750,000 (One month internet inclusive)[/size]

    [size=9pt]Monthly Subscription: # 85,000[/size]


    MONTHLY EARNING: #250,000

    For Further enquiries Contact: 07062940253, 07052017052

    E-mail [email protected]

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