Urbwatch-illegal Structure Detector (innovative Idea)

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    UrbWatch is a smart surveillance system that can
    automatically detect the Attention of illegal structures
    using real time image processing and report the
    situation to the appropriate authority. It also has the
    ability of providing existing traffic control system with
    relevant information for smart traffic flow. Attention of
    illegal structures is a challenge in developing countries
    also is the control of traffic. UrbWatch analyzes real-
    time images obtained from satellites and surveillance
    drones to detect changes in the landscape of areas
    where structures are not supposed to be built hence
    promoting safer housing and better urban planning.
    Also it can serve traffic control systems with data
    obtained from these images to make traffic control
    This is an innovative idea from a 400 level electrical
    electronics engineering student in the nigerian
    pls gurulodgers that feel the effect of this project
    should kindly follow the link below to vote for this
    great idea.
    Thank you all and God bless.

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